Support the Bag

The Chip Bag Project is appreciative of the support we have received since we started our project make sustainable goods in the community. Please read below to learn how you or your company/organization can support our work.

Fiscal donation

Fiscal donation

The Chip Bag Project is seeking fiscal donations of all size to continue to make the project a success and expand its reach. Your fiscal donation will help support:

  • General operations

  • Project development and implementation

  • Purchasing materials

In-kind donation

In-kind donation

We are also seeking in-kind support such as donations of materials, time, and space to further our work in 2021. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • Volunteer support

  • Event space. 

  • Collaboration opportunity

Join the network

Join the network

The Chip Bag Projectunderstands that more communities than ours are in need. In order to keep the integrity of the project, ( make sure people aren't misrepresenting  funds, impersonating the project for press or money, or selling the bags for personal gain) we only release the guide to those who join the network.

Since we are living in the times of COVID-19 we cannot easily have volunteer events and pack people into space, so we have to be a little more creative.

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