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We are currently not accepting chip bag donations

consider donating to our operational fund so we can continue to accept and process your donations


Bridging sustainability with social justice by  repurposing foil lined products into wearable attire.

The Chip Bag Journey

Founded in the winter of 2020, the chip bag project collects foil lined products like chip bags, pet food bags, candy bags. using upcycling we turn  them into sleeping bags for houseless individuals. 


Creating economic opportunity through the creation of green jobs.

Meet the team

Our team is composed of creative community innovators dedicated to improving sustainable and access to resources in urban neighborhoods. 

Eradajere Oleita

Allante Steele

Daniel Geanes

Keyneca Jackson

Lamaria McClendon

Franchesca Lamarre

Olisa Thompson

Jaired Epps

Liz Kennedy

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