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Chippin' In is committed to highlighting the critical connection between the fashion industry's impact on climate change and the urgent need for sustainability. We aim to emphasize the intersection of everyday life and the looming climate crisis.


The Trashion Show spans two days and revolves around a design challenge, urging designers to embrace the practice of upcycling. Participants will creatively incorporate various recycled materials into their designs, with the entire process documented on film. Prior to the show, there will be a panel discussion with the designers, reflecting the avant-garde nature of the event, which values creativity over strict functionality.


For Designers

The objective of this competition is to provide a creative space to push the boundaries of design. Recognizing that waste management isn't a prominent concern in the fashion industry, coupled with the looming impacts of climate change, it's imperative that we do better. Chippin In aims to lead the discourse on upcycling, and what better way than by collaborating with designers to reimagine textiles.

What You'll Receive:

Designers will receive a design box filled with scrap materials that must be incorporated into their final designs. Each designer is expected to showcase two designs on the runway. One design should incorporate the items from the box (these designs should be avant-garde and high couture in nature). The other design is of the designer's choosing, with an emphasis on highlighting their skills.


What to Anticipate:

1. Submit your application and fill out the form.


2. One of our coordinators will reach out to you via email and phone to confirm your continued interest in competing.


3. Once confirmed, you'll need to pay a $150 participation fee by November 30th.


Day 1

The inaugural day kicks off with a panel discussion and mixer, gathering the designers, models, and artists involved in the show. The event will also feature a demonstration of our chip bag projects, showcasing collaborative pieces we're currently working on. The main focus is to foster connections with the designers and to introduce attendees to Chippin' In. Additionally, we'll highlight our collaborations with artists, underscoring the importance of preserving cultural heritage and ties.


Day 2

Day 2 (Main Event: Chippin' In 3-year Anniversary Gala):

The second day marks the main event, offering a multifaceted experience. It's the culmination of three months of hard work by the designers and models, showcasing their creations. Throughout the event, we'll feature installations using our distinctive chip bag foil backdrops and host an art exhibit. The fashion show will be graced by a curated panel of judges spanning various fields in business and fashion. The night concludes with an afterparty featuring some of Detroit's most dynamic DJs.

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