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bridging together environmental justice and social justice

Turning empty chip bags & foiled lined products

into sleeping bags for the less fortunate sleeping outside.



chip bag collected



Sleeping bags created



Sleeping bags given out


Volunteer at a chip bag location in your city.


Find a drop off location in your area, or donate monetary.

Join the Network

Would like to start a chip bag project in your neighborhood?


Activities for School aged youth created by Ecoworks, Youth Energy Squad.



Collecting foil lined products like chip bags, pet food bags, candy bags and repurposing them into wearable attire.


To Donate:

Drop- off Locations

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Join the network

Join the network

Why Join the Network?

The chip bag project understands that more communities than ours are in need. In order to keep the integrity of the project, ( make sure people aren't misusing funds, impersonating the project for press or money, or selling the bags for personal gain) we only release the guide to those who join the network.

Since we are living in the times of COVID-19 we cannot easily have volunteer events and pack people into space, so we have to be a little more creative.

At home base we receive an influx of donations, joining the network will give you access to those donations, as well as access to our volunteer pool, social media support, access to classes and training, and access to the step by step guide on how to make the bags. 

To Make sure we can support you with shipping, we are asking that each chapter pay a due fee of $20 to start your chapter. This payment will give you access to your first 2 sleeping bag kits, as well as a how-to guide, a donation box for your area, regularly required training, and monetary support ( if needed), your own social media.

Volunteer Here!

Volunteer to your local chip bag project branch.

Current locations:

Thank you for your support

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